RAINDROP TECHNIQUE has been validated by thousands of people who have been interviewed and tracked.  WHAT IS THE RAINDROP TECHNIQUE?  A gentle massage using nine essential oils with wonderful healing properties applied to the feet and back. In interviews with over one thousand people who have received the Raindrop Technique,the percent who indicated a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE – 97% — those who were NEUTRAL – 2.5% — those who had a NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE 0.5%.  Not many treatments can show such a powerful positive result as well as many actual healing experiences.

In 1996, Carla was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and treated with expensive shots ($1200) weekly that made her sick and had many side effects.  She was also prescribed anti-depressant drugs which made her suicidal (a common side effect of all anti-depressants).  In 2004, she discovered Young Living oils and decided to wean herself off the medications.  Using mostly a blend called PEACE AND CALMING and another blend called JOY, she was able to free herself in six months.  She admits that getting off anti-depressants was painful as they are very addictive and make changes in the brain almost immediately upon taking them.  But she no longer has vision and balance issues as well as the other problems associated with her MS.  A recent MRI showed no sign of the plaques that were present when she was first diagnosed.

Another essential oil Carla has been using is FRANKINCENSE.  What a wonderful and powerful oil it is.  She uses it on her temples and forehead. It keep her balance problems at bay.  It is also helpful for macular degeneration.

It is highly recommended that a health professional monitor anyone weaning off psychotropic drugs.

Becky’s dog had had surgery. She was concerned that he would start licking the wound.  She applied LAVENDER OIL to the wound area.  The lavender oil stops the itching and irritation.  That part we knew but the next day, the wound had completely healed and had a scab.

Dr Joan Barice teaches about therapeutic grade essential oils at the University of Miami.  She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and other modalities with degrees from Stanford and Harvard.  She became paralyzed several years ago and had severe pain for many years.  She also had female problems and, understandably, depression.  The Ningxia Red product was introduced to her and she noticed improvement after taking one or two ounces.  She increased the dose and added the oil blend called Longevity.  She completely recovered and has helped others recover from neuropathy, MS and many other conditions.  She feels the medical profession needs to make use of these products since the oils can address so many problems without negative side effects.  She says that only about 30% of treatments used by the medical profession have been  proven effective.  Even though our health costs are the highest in the world, we are 42nd in longevity.  41 countries spend less and do better.