About Us

My name is Diane Kavanagh. I am in my mid-70’s but feel like 40. My mission is to share some of the many heath tips and products that have helped me reverse all symptoms of my SJOGREN’S SYNDROME, an autoimmune disease that causes thee body to attack its moisture glands. A lack of saliva will cause one to be susceptible to infection.

I have been certified as a wellness consultant with The Wellness Forum which was featured in the recent movie FORKS OVER KNIVES. This movie will help you see the most powerful diet for reversing diabetes, heart disease, avoiding cancer and Alzheimer’s as well as other maladies.

I now have a team to work with and many wonderful options for helping avoid all medications and surgical procedures. I have avoided rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other painful maladies connected to Sjogren’s syndrome and I know we can help you, too. It is so important to get educated. Be aware that THE NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES ARE PROVIDED BY PEOPLE WITH AN INTEREST IN MAKING BIG INDUSTRIES PROFITABLE, NOT IN YOUR HEALTH. AS ONE DOCTOR PUT IT, “THE FOX IS IN THE HENHOUSE.

As a believer in God, I see the wonderful purpose of the plants for our healing.  In fact, Dr. David Stewart’s book, “Chemistry of Essential Oils” has a subtitle that states, “God’s Love Manifest in Molecules.”  In the Book of Genesis, Chapter One, God gave the plants for food for every living creature and proclaimed that it was good. In Revelation Chapter 22, we see the reference to the water of life and the leaves of the trees bearing 12 kinds of fruit and the leaves of the tree were for the HEALING of the nations.  The gifts of plants are here today for the healing God provides.