Essential Oils

Essential oils were used for healing purposes for centuries.  We all know about the gifts of frankincense and myrrh that were brought to the baby Jesus by the Kings of the East.  They were the most valuable gifts possible. In the past century, new modalities were invented and their use declined into obscurity. AROMATHERAPY was rediscovered and bought back more recently in Great Britain and Europe.  A French scientist accidentally discovered these healing properties when he burned his arm and thrust it in a container of LAVENDER OIL thinking it was water.  The pain was reduced and the burn healed amazingly fast.  The French have been growing lavender and processing the oil ever since.  Young Living’s founder, D. Gary Young, discovered the value when he was seriously injured and partially paralyzed.  The oils helped him recover completely and he determined to research these oils.  The company now has farms all over the world with strict criteria for the plants, preparation, purity and potency.  [NOTE: NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE PURE AND EFFECTIVE, i.e. THERAPEUTIC GRADE.]

    • An example of the powerful properties of essential oils is a quote from Katarina Hostenska, PhD, University Hospital, Zurich. “Boswellic acids in frankincense exert antiproliferic activity toward a variety of malignant cells.”  In other words, pure frankincense oil has anti-cancer properties.
    • Myrrh gum, like frankincense, was prized in ancient times for healing. Today it has been found to have anti-cancer properties  “The anti-tumor potential of nyrrh was comparable to the standard cytotoxic drug cyclophosphamine.”  M. Al Harbi, PhD, King Saud University.

So the Christ child was not going to need antiseptic wipes!

The list of things the oils can have a profound effect on is long…BUG BITES * POISON IVY * ANXIETY * ASTHMA * PAIN * CONGESTION * NAUSEA * MOLD * BURNS * INSOMNIA and numerous others.

The story of the THIEVES blend of oils goes back to the BLACK DEATH (THE PLAGUE) in London during the Middle Ages.  Perfumers, knowing the oils’ ability to protect from disease, covered themselves with the blend and stole from sick and dying people. Once caught, they were enticed to give up their formula for a lighter sentence.  We can make use of that formula today! Theives comes in a number of handy household products, cleaner, hand soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, spray and more. All are safe to ingest so children cannot poison themselves by tasting or touching this powerful yet gentle blend.