Stress Relief

I have read that almost all disease is caused by STRESS. It may be stress somewhere in the body, unknown to you, or obvious to you as you go about your day full of worry and anxiety.  The RAINDROP TECHNIQUE massage is known to help with stress but another aspect of our healing techniques is EMOTIONAL RELEASE.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE uses essential oils to help relieve stress due to memories of past incidents, relationships, and childhood hurtful experiences.  Some of the blends used are Forgiveness, Release, Harmony, and Joy.  You may not even realize these memories are there causing you to feel or act in ways you do not understand.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is most likely caused by these buried memories.  Drugs usually make things worse.  Try natural healing first.

Prayer and meditation are other ways to lower stress as well as regular exercise, walking in the sunshine and staying hydrated using filtered water.